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How effective is Wet cleaning? The Green Drycleaner in Reno!

Now that Spot cleaners has gone 100% Green with wet cleaning, I wanted to convey how well the process the process has been working. We have now been wetcleaning for 9 days and, so far, the results are fantastic! We have wetcleaned everything from men’s wool suits to full wool trenchcoats to fine silks and all have resulted in a superior product. The clothes come out smelling fresh and clean with no chemical smell.

One of my customers has been insisting that we convert to a greener cleaning method and now that we have, he is estatic. Another customer just recently commented that his suits are smelling fresher with any chemical smell. We even told him days ago that we converted to a green system but he just assumed that we switched to another solvent. He didn’t realize that we were using water as the cleaning agent and now loves the results.

Being the only 100% Green drycleaner in Reno, NV gives us an edge on the competition. Wetcleaning is a superior method but does require more labor costs. Not only is the pressing and finishing more extensive, but the wetcleaning process requires more careful monitoring. We use tensioning equipment to steam and blow out the clothing prior to pressing. Wetcleaning requires specialized finishing equipment and additional training in order to properly clean garments.

Now that we have converted to be the first wetcleaning drycleaner in Reno, Nevada, we know that this process is the wave of the future for the drycleaning industry.  It is proving to be a superior method of cleaning and is 100% eco friendly.

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Wet clean household items at a Green Dry cleaner!

When drycleaning household items that’s are large and bulky such as comforters, blankets and drapes, the drycleaning solvent such as perc tends to remain in the items in much larger quantities. Normally, it is bagged and then given to the customer who directly places the item on their bed or in their living room. More of the residual solvent is then released into the breathing space in your house.

Down comforters are especially prone to retaining large amounts of solvents unless dried for an extended period of time.  It is critical the drycleaner runs a prolonged dry cycle when cleaning down comforters or even down coats.   Wet cleaning solves this issue all together by only using water.  Since no toxic solvents were used in the cleaning process, there will be no concerns with exposure to any toxic substances.

It is especially hazardous when placing a recently drycleaned comforter on the bed. You are breathing in the toxic fumes as your sleep and can be very detrimental to your health.

Wetcleaning can alleviate any concerns about breathing toxic vapors. We at Spot Cleaners are the only wetcleaner in Reno. 100% Green Drycleaner is what we stand by and can eliminate health concerns you might have with other drycleaners using toxic solvents to clean your clothes.